The plan

What are we going to do? 

An expedition is always a big adventure with many unexpected situations. We are looking for a great climbing adventure in a fascinating country. A feeling of exploration is very important for us. We are very psyched to climb in an unknown valley and we hope to climb some first ascents. 

pakistan kaart

On the 3th of June 2018 we will fly to Islamabad. After one night we are flying or driving to Gilgit (depending on the weather conditions). 



During the travel we won't bored. There is a lot of traffic in Pakistan, and the looks of the trucks are fantastic. 

hindu raj

From Gilgit we will drive to Hindu Raj range. Sorry, we will not mention the exact valley or spot....;-)


Camp de base (3600 mètres)

Jasmine Tours is our tour operator. They arrange all the logistics for us. Local porters will help with getting our gear to the base camp. This comfortable spot is located at 3600m. We will stay here for more than 3 weeks. A cook and guide will keep us company.


La vallée de Daspar

The valley and our main goal behind.

This ridge is on our minds. It looks beautiful. Let's hope the conditions are good!


Les “anciens” échafaudent le Dhuli

The Ghamobar Zom offers two fantastic but very long anc challenging ridges. Peuterey Integrale style!



Plan B: there is a lot of rock in our valley. If the snow and ice conditions are bad we will definately entertain ourselves on this playground. The total trip lasts 5 weeks, so there is plenty of time. 


The pics from 2007 that inspired us

The credits for these pictures go to Florian Tolle and his French team. Thanks a lot! 


We would like to thank our sponsors:

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