Training (like a beast)

For high altitude climbing you'll need some decent fitness. You're supposed to plough through a meter of fresh snow for hours. To get the level of stamina needed for such an undertaking you've got to train ( a lot ).

A very important and (according to me) fun part of the preparations for the expedition is training hard.

Of course I do climb ...


... but most time training I spend on the road bike, mountain bike and with my running shoes on.




Actually endurance and interval training are the most important for a mountain objective like this. I really like to do sport outdoors, so to be honest climbing indoors in gyms (back home in the Netherlands) is not my favorite training.

I like cycling and running a lot. This winter and spring I did quite some running competitions which went quite well. Now I also spent a lot of time on the roadbike and mountainbike and hurt my legs during interval training and when sprinting.



During several weeks I have been rock climbing. Furthermore I trained my ice climbing skills in the Italian Alps this winter.

I feel very fit now and really look forward to the expedition!


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