Getting the gear, a nerdy business.....

Arranging the gear is an important aspect of planning an expedition like this one. Pakistan has no ‘Snell Sports’ or ‘Technic Extremes’ where one can buy forgotten or lost gear in the local village or town. Meanwhile we have to bring a lot of stuff which is owned by four different people. Also, there is a maximum of 23 + 23 + 10 = 56 kilo per person to bring on the airplane, in three bags.

So, who brings what, how much does it weigh per person/in total and does it fit in the bags? Let us take a look.

1.     Basecamp

Stuff like coffee machines, e-readers and an iPad with Kolonisten van Catan are of the utmost importance here. Also, the NKBV provided us with solarpanels and the like, to be able to charge this iPad while playing, the phones and a laptop. It took quite some time to gather and test all this stuff!



2.     Bivouac

This stuff is needed to be able to sleep on-route. Snowshovels, sleeping mats, jetboil, gas canisters, etc. The NKBV provided us with two 2-person (kind-of) biblers like the picture below. Thanks NKBV, this stuff is expensive.


3.    Stuff arranged by Jasmine tours (trekking agent)

Our trekking agent arranges lots of stuff we need for basecamp. Tents, a cook, food and drinks, gas canisters, chairs, tables, etc. In particular plastic crates are needed to pack the food, so as to prevent rats and birds to come and steal our precious food.


4.    Climbing gear

Ropes, ropes and ropes. Also lots of heavy metal stuff like too many carabiners, cams, ice screws, ice axes, crampons, etc. etc. Large and warm mountaineering shoes are also a specific item. The NKBV provided us with a hand drill to manually drill holes in rock for placing bolts if necessary. We were able to buy a lot of stuff at for a reduced price, thanks for that.



5.    Personal stuff

Clothes, bags, earplugs, a bit of underwear and the like.


6.    Food & drinks

Because Jasmine Tours arranges all the food for basecamp and the travel days, we only have to bring food for during the climbs. We will bring 120 bags of adventure food! 60 for diner, 60 breakfast, 15 portions for all team members. 


7.    Technology

Phones, chargers, laptop, a special charger so you can charge the laptop via the powerbank which is charged by the solar panels, iPad, powerbank, solar panel, binocoulars, head torch with spare barreries, camera’s with spare batteries, etc. NKBV provided us with two satellite phones as seen on the picture. It took quite some time to arrange the budget for texting, calling and internet access! Complex stuff somehow.



8.    Random

A bit of everything. Water treatment pump/drops, knive, map, many many lighters and so on.

In the end, during several meetings we among others created and improved a list of stuff to bring. We allocated the weight to each item and to the person who will bring it. So now we have a nerdy list in excel that says we will bring about 224 kilo of stuff, divided over four people.

With this list complete, it’s a matter of rack, pack and fly!



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