Dutch Hindu Raj Expedition

Northern Pakistan
Summer 2018


Hindu Raj Expedition

Northern Pakistan
Summer 2018


The Hindu Raj is a mountain range in Northern Pakistan, between the Hindu Kush and Karakorum ranges. The area features a lot of beautiful 5000 and 6000m peaks. Some of them are still unclimbed, and there is a lot of potential for new routes. We, four Dutch climbers, are going to climb in a very seldom visited valley. In a few weeks we'll be on our way. Follow our adventure on this page.

The last visit by climbers goes back to 2007. Their photos gave the inspiration to explore this range. On the 3th of June 2018 we will depart from the Netherlands for a 5 week trip. We have set our eyes on the beautiful unclimbed Kachqiant (6015m). This icy pyramid has an obvious knife-edge ridge, and we will attempt this line for sure. There is also potential for long rock routes in supposedly good rock. We expect a great adventure with great people, soft melted snow, lots of fun but also suffering, stomach issues and as always, unexpected problems. We keep you posted!

Special thanks to Florian Tolle for letting us use the pictures of the previous expedition!  


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